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  • Tourist Buscharter

    Today's modern motor-coaches are equipped with all the amenities for today's traveler.

  • VIP Buscharter

    Everyday, thousands of people depend on Froehlich Tours Inc. for their ground transportation.

  • Corporate Buscharter

    With a Wide Selection of Bus Rentals, non-intrusive, Plus Great Rates & Personal Attention.

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Transportation Services

Memorable & Valuable Experience

Froehlich Tours Inc. provides peace of mind, while saving you time and money.

Froehlich Tours Inc.

Our aim is to make you happy

Wherever you need to go,, Froehlich Tours Inc. will take you there..

We provide a multitude of transportation services, in the Island of Luzon and the entire Philippines. While we provide a great deal of transportation in Metro Manila, we’re always excited to travel to new locations and expand our horizons.
Given today's economic and global challenges, it’s time to re-think the way we travel. Froehlich Tours Inc. provides peace of mind, while saving you time and money

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Bus: PHP 11.000 oONLY

Metro Manila City Tour

Mini-Bus: PHP 8.000 ONLY

Bus: PHP 14.000 ONLY

Tagaytay Day Tour

Mini-BUs: PHP 9.500 ONLY

Bus: PHP 18.000 ONLY

Subic Bay Day Tour

Mini-Bus: 12.500 ONLY

Dont Forget

To Have a Good Time

with Froehlich Tours Bus Charter Manila


A smile says more than thousand words.

VIP Bus Charters

We go the extra mile to anticipate the comforts and services you need to make your journey with us, an unforgettable memory.

Experience our wide and spacious VIP seats onboard as well as one of the youngest bus fleets in the Philippines. Settle into your own personal space with plenty of room to eat, sleep and stretch out.

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